That’s the Last Time I Trust That Cat GPS

“Turn left, turn right, climb tree, chase a butterfly for fifty yards, daydream about tuna for 28.5 miles… I did everything it told me, and now I’m completely lost!”




  1. Oh, little hedgie—did you not read the hovertext so helpfully provided in the other picture?

  2. Hi, my name is Olivia. So in the picture called “No, I haven’t seen your lipstick”, with the shihtzu/ maltese puppy, I was wondering if you still had that dog. Basically, my dog, his name is Lanny, he is about 6 to 6 1/2 years old and he looks EXACTLY like yours. We adopted him in around 2010. We got him from an adoption center called Wee Rescue. They said that they found him on the streets, I think. They looked for a long time but could not find the owners. The reason why I think that your dog might be my dog is that he wears that exact same collar, it was the one he was wearing when we adopted him. Maybe I’m mistaken, but it could be possible. Contact me if you have questions or answers–
    Thank you,

  3. You know it was probably the “daydream about tuna” part that threw him, because hedgehogs don’t eat tuna…

  4. Keep us updated!

  5. Sharon I says:

    When I first read Olivia’s message, I mistook the word collar for color–and wondered if the dog had continued his lipstick fetish.