Cat Nap

Oscar’s trying to hang on, but he’s JUST TOO TIE TIE.

From Lyndsey H.



  1. Augh, why did I watch this late in the afternoon!? I can’t stop yawning now!

  2. hoomin pinned. achievement unlocked!

  3. Mikeyfur says:

    Is this the same Oscar that was enjoying the sunbeam in a post a day or so ago? I have a lap that would just love a sleepy kitten on it.

  4. molehillbutnomountain says:

    Practically bruised my hand trying to reach into the screen to pat Mr. Sleepy.

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    Thats me 5 minutes into a tv program I’ve been waiting all week to watch.

  6. Clairdelune says:

    Oscar can have my lap any time he wants it. Lucky hoomin should stop playing and provide a better perch for Oscar. OMG, I need to kiss those bebeh lips and that peenk nose right NOW! And the soft peenk toebeans at the end… *thud*

  7. Clairdelune says:

    @SlaveToCat, I understand perfectly!! 😀

  8. I don’t get that guy just sitting there playing with his phone when he’s got an adorable, sleepy kitty on his lap. Pet him sir!!!

  9. tracyg36 says:

    WTH is wrong with the human that is NOT petting the sleepy bebeh?! *tries to reach Oscar through the screen with pets*

  10. upinalather says:

    Is he trying to stay up to catch the sports segment in the local news? Just go to sleep, kitty!

  11. I bet in his waking hours Oscar is a very busy boy. In his sleeping hours he is beyond adorable.

  12. NoOneInParticular says:

    That video is clearly fake. NOONE could resist scratching that chin or tickling that belly for so long.

  13. I love his triangular head.

  14. Sharon Wilson says:


  15. What is it with kittens and narcolepsy? It’s redonk!

  16. AWW 😀 I would not mind holding dear sweet Oscar in my lap 😀 He could sleep there and I could carry him around if I had to get up 😀