VERY Rare Kitteh Baroo

Unheard of. The C.O. Glossary flatly states this does not occur:

Dogspeak for “Whut the…?” Frequently accompanied by the Canine Tilt and/or wrinkled brow for enhanced effect. Occasionally, animals which are not dogs have been known to have this cute-ism ascribed to them, but this is never appropriate. Dogs just have the face for it, plain & simple. Cats don’t. Fish don’t. Cockatiels? Please.

Do our eyeballs deceive us?


Via Emergency Kittens Twitter.



  1. 6rabbits says:

    Doggehs care about what we’re doing and want to understand us. I think the reason there are so few kitteh baroos is because cats expect US to understand THEM–they couldn’t care less about what we mere humans are doing! 😉

  2. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    No deception here. That kittie’s got the baroo.

  3. Makes me think of Silvester the cat.

  4. Oh the mighty floof!

  5. Ms. Janet says:

    Kittles TOTALLY Baroo. At 5:00 am in my Bedroom. I love it.

  6. What?! The CO Glossary says kitties don’t Baroo?? What madness! Glad Mr Floof-pants here has decided to prove that wrong, I trust the Glossary will be updated post-haste. 😀

  7. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.

  8. Shaz aka Sharon D says:

    My Abbie (the little one in the shamrock dress with the pot of gold) does this all the time, but I’ve never been able to capture it on film.

  9. Killer Klown says:

    That is not ‘what the?’…
    That is vintage ‘I fail to understand why you are wasting your time with _that_ nonsense instead of petting/feeding/adoring/worshipping me?’

  10. That is a ba-mew.

  11. AWW 😀 This dear sweet little kitty could be the tiny version of our cat (my brother, his male friend and me) Dooley 😀

  12. Nancy Davis says:

    I never thought it was unusual for kitties to Baroo. My Honey baroos constantly.