I’m Starved- Anybody Got Any Munchies?

Why yes. Yes, we do. How many would you like?


  1. Ellen W. says:

    I love the little sleepy one! Poor guy- his brother is too rough and then when he’s nice and comfy with Mom she up and leaves!

  2. It was all a ploy to get the box. Typical.

  3. Sleepy kitty wants to sleep! Well, OK, unless he can have meelks . . . but his siblings won’t let him do that, either! Poor baby.

  4. Tony James says:

    That’s such a “big sister”-y thing to do – poor little guy, just napping in his box, chilling, she jumps in and plays too rough, he thinks, “Ok, you can have the box, anything for a peaceful life,” and goes over to mom, then she comes over and muscles in on that too! Flippin’ typical!

  5. “Mommy! She’s pulling my whiskers!” That’s all I could think of watching this.

  6. Clairdelune says:

    I cringed when the little sleepy kitteh cried because the mean sibling was chewing on his face. He definitely needed Momma’s comfort. She should have spanked the other two.😀

  7. AWW😆 The things that dear sweet little kitties do😆

  8. CO, you keeled me again.😀

  9. Desdemona says:

    I think Mama’s trying to wean these babies because she won’t lay down for them. But old habits die hard!


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