And What Do U Have To SAY For Yourself, Young Lady?

This Little McLambersons has something on her mind and she’d like to share it with you RIGHT NOW. (If that’s OK.)

From Arbroath.



  1. Give her anything she wants. Just don’t let her do that again, that’s almost Siamese whining.

  2. Ditto.

  3. Yikes, what a loud little lambie! Cute pink tongue action though.

  4. Dog Lover says:

    Please give that lambykins whatever she wants! The bleating rips at my very soul. 🙂

  5. With that little smile at the end, she knows she’s got you by the heart!

  6. Wafflecat says:

    Adorbs! WTH is with the porn clip afterwards?!

  7. Right back at ya’ cutie

  8. Ok, ok…sheesh! *forks over a million dollars to lamb*

  9. Wafflecat, it looks like “Vine” in the title automatically pulls up “best Vines of” compilations as so-called related videos. 😛