Usually, I Prefer Orville J. Redenbacher

..but this will do quite nicely, THANKUVERYMUCH!

From The Squid O’ Laughter.



  1. And here I thought “popcorning” meant something else in reference to guinea pigs!

  2. Dog Lover says:

    I’ve never thought of throwing myself right into the popcorn but hey, it’s worth a try. 🙂

  3. I wonder if that works with a bag of chocolate chip cookies?

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    If I lick each piece of popcorn the silly squeemish hoomans won’t want to eat it and it will ALL be MINE. muhahahahahahaha

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    Look out, Maru!

  6. Well, someone’s excited.

  7. Mamabear says:

    This video made me ridiculously happy! I squeed particularly loud and way too many times for a normal person.

  8. I can’t tell what that was! But omg how funny, regardless lol

  9. Oooh it’s a kitty lol duh

  10. Thanks for reminding me that peegs sometimes have such joy from food. Makes me miss mine!