Big Pig Little Pig

“Meet Cora the Guinea Pig. ‘He’ is almost four years old. The pet store told us he was female, we named him Cora. After his first vet visit, they let us know our little Cora is actually..male. However, he loves his name and rocks his pink ear. I visit your site everyday and I think it’s about time Cora is a part of it. Thanks so much!” -Samantha W.




  1. We had the opposite problem; Little Henry was a girl. We had the same thing happen with a rabbit named Peter. Basically, we stopped trusting the stores and/or breeders.

    Incidentally, I want to know more about that stuffed toy. I WANT ONE.

  2. Makes me miss my piggy Buddy 🙂 He’s a handsome little Cora!!

  3. Dog Lover says:

    Having a girl’s name and a pink ear does not make you any less manly, Cora. It only adds to your adorabuhlnesses. 🙂

  4. We do not judge him/her.

  5. Mamabear says:

    There could be a site dedicated, solely, to guinea pigs and they would just never get old, for me. I’ll take both, if you please.