Polah Beah Cuteh Patooteh

Hear that? Listen … … It’s the soft pittah pattah of bebbeh polah beah paws …

13116518313_0d14a46aa6_z (1)
Zookeepers in Novosibirsk, Russia, report that mama, Gerda, brought her 4 month old cub out of their den for the first time on March 6.

No one knows if the cub is a boy or a girl, and Gerda’s not ready to share yet.

This summer, there will be a special contest held for local residents to choose the little bear’s name.

Er, that gives us a great head start, doesn’t it? Nobody said we can’t have our own naming fun. And, we can plan a trip to the Novosibirsk Zoo! And, we can squee over “our” bebbeh polah beah, that we named, the best name of all in the whole world! Right?!

“Gerda the polar bear and her baby peek out from their den at the Zoo in Novosibirsk, Russia. The cub was born in December.” Photos By Ilnar Salakhiev/Associated Press.



  1. Bear hugs and belleh rubs. Such a sweet little fur monster! I don’t know how to tell the sex of polar bears, but if they are like dogs the bebbeh looks to be female? Or maybe there is too much fur to tell?

  2. Too awesome for words!

  3. I vote for Noel.

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    @sixpups from the last pic with the baby on his back I think you’re right, female.

  5. More like Nose-vosibirsk, am I right? Congratulations to everyone (human and bear alike) involved!

  6. ambroseanthonythompson says:

    Small enough to ride momma’s claw as over the hills they go

  7. Actually Sixpups & BFB, bears *aren’t* like dogs. Think about it…have you ever seen bear balls? Bears belong to the group of mammals which house their testicles internally (along with whales, seals, rhinos, elephants, etc)…

  8. They should name her Simpka!

  9. Let’s call him Perogi.

  10. Oh hh, SQUEE!!

  11. Clairdelune says:

    O. M. G. — just when I thought there possibly couldn’t be anything more “head ‘sploding” than those round-eyed kittehs and fat puppehs, you come up with THIS!! Now I REALLY need the defibrithingamajiggy. I feel an attack of the vapors coming. The last pic did it… where do I go to hold one of those bebbehs? Away from Mama Bear’s eyes, that is.

  12. tommygirl says:

    Cute OVERLOAD indeed!!

  13. We need a rule of cuteness. Any baby cuddled between mama’s/parent’s front legs, automated cuteness!