Winds Gusting From The West…No, From The East…

[I’d say winds 10 mph, gusts up to 20. ‘Bout right, eh? A windy day for sure here at Edgar’s Mission. They always send me out to check the wind direction, mate. I wonder why? Who? Flying Nun? Nah, nevah heard ‘o her, nope.]

This is Sheldon, from Edgar’s Mission Facebookster.

[Note: We nose there are no hovers on the larger feature photos: we’s working on it. -Ed.]



  1. We like you. We really, really like you.

  2. Ears looking at you!
    (Betty Boop Potato)

  3. Much more reliable than weather-people on the morning news! 🙂

  4. Dog Lover says:

    Kar, I love the Sally Field reference! 🙂