Life’s Simple Pleasures

…are brought to you by this little English McBulldoggerson Puppeh named Sophie. Enjoy.

Arbroath FTW.



  1. JustAnotherHeather says:

    Or is she suffering since that is clearly a 3,000 pound sweater? And she is trying to get it off?

  2. 260Oakley says:

    I’m completely bulled over by Sophie.

  3. I’m not sure if it’s the sweater or she truly just likes rolling. Silly rolly polly pupper!

  4. Wheeee!!! So much fun!

  5. Lerrinus says:

    She really is the Roly Poly Puppeh!


  7. She appears to be pioneering the new ‘no leg’ style of walking. I applaud this pioneering spirit, and hope it breaks the monopoly on the industry previously held by the ‘slither’ advocates.

  8. “as……..wishhhhh……”

  9. 0:37 is the BEST. She reminds me of pandas when they get a snow day.

  10. Whaddaya mean, “weird” behavior? I’d say that’s completely understandable behavior!

  11. i think that’s the ‘get this …. shirt off me’

  12. sugimoto WINS! 😀

    I am glad the weekend is coming up since I will need that time for my brain to recover from the cute explosions this vid made it do.

  13. I love how she improves her technique. NAILED IT, SOPHIE.

  14. Sharon Wilson says:

    Roll, roll, roll down the hill…

  15. Nothin’ weird about it: SHE WANTS THE HOODIE OFF!!!

  16. Dog Lover says:

    I think it started with her wanted out of that hoodie but quickly turned into “Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!” 🙂

  17. Yep! Just like little kids I see roll down the hill at the local park! Anybody else dizzy?

  18. hahaha I think she truly hates that sweater!

  19. Laura DragonWench says:

    I can remember rolling down hills like that when I was a “puppy,” having just as much fun! Go, Sophie, go!

    @sugitomo: Best comment here!

  20. chere Sophay: may yoo obbays have a yawd to rollfs in. obbays.