Hope You Had a Happy, Heavenly, 4th Birthday, Gary.

This is the incredible, Gary the capybara, who lived large and in charge with his devoted hoomins and many furry friends in Texas.

His hoomins made a big deal over big ol’ Gary but they didn’t make a big deal about his big underlying health issues, quietly tending to his medical needs and taking him to specialists many miles away to care for him. And Gary was doing really well, and lived longer than they thought he might, nearly almost making it to his 4th birthday, yesterday, March 10.

Gary became their heart and soul and now, he lives on in their heart and soul, and in ours too.

Full memorial to Gary on Capybara Madness. Hold on to your heart, it is quite a story.



  1. Mingles' Mommy says:

    I enjoyed reading about Gari so much. RIP, sweet Capy.

  2. RIP sweet Gary, I know your hoomins will miss you.

  3. Oh, Gary, we’ll miss you. You made your peeps so happy, and then they shared that happiness with the rest of the world. RIP, little one.

  4. Dog Lover says:

    This makes me so sad. 😦 His family should take comfort in knowing what a great life they gave him and how much love they shared. RIP, sweetie.

  5. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Oh, Gary, I know your hoomins will miss you terribly. Capys are awesome creatures. Of course, I’m kinda fond of rodents and you were a larger than life rodent. RIP, sweet boy.

  6. Aw d*mn. 😦 Rest in peace sweet Gary. And many prayers or his hoomins. ❤

  7. RIP sweet boy. I know your family will miss you. You were lucky to have hoomins who loved you so much.

  8. I’m imaigning him at the big farm looking just like that first pic. His family gave him a great life and we’re grateful.

  9. Good night, sweet Gary. I hope your hoomins are comforted by wonderful memories of your happy life with them.

  10. And now I have something in my eye…

  11. Yep, he sure did live large. We’ll miss you, Gari.

  12. A honor for that capy MOM who loved them so much and has given the world a new outlook on what a Capy is all about. Will always be remembered….made the world a better place to be in for all animal lovers.

  13. My sympathies and strength to Gari’s family.

  14. Aww. *sniff* I’m sure he will be missed. I loved all of Gary’s blissed out photos — always looked so zen and peaceful and happy.

  15. Christina Faull says:

    His name was Garibaldi, Gari for short.

  16. I hadn’t heard that he’d gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Fair travels, Gari! Your people will be along “in the sweet bye-and-bye”!

  17. Happy birthday, Gari … you’ll never be forgotten ❤

  18. Loved this guy! He & his Mom always cracked me up and kept me smiling…

  19. I was lucky enough to meet Gari and his mom when she brought him to my workplace for a charity function a couple of years ago. He was so sweet and we all loved spending time with him. An email went round when we found out about his passing. He made quite an impression and we are all so sad to hear about this but so grateful for his last years with his loving family.

  20. Gary was such a sweet guy. I will miss the regular updates on him from Melly. She and her husband have him a great life – you could tell they loved him & he loved them very much. Rest in Peace Gary 🙂