Freddy (Updated!)

Spotted this Little Dude on the San Francisco Animal Care & Control FB. His name is Freddy of course, and they describe him as a “Frisky, Friendly & Fun Scruffimuffin!” If you’re in the Bay Area, stop by and see The Fredster if you’re on the lookout for a Little Friend!

UPDATE! Freddy just got adopted!!






  1. I feel like Freddy is going to get a forever home in about 3.7 seconds. What a cutie!

  2. pinkmariposas says:

    oh he got adopted, yay Freddy! I am so happy for him he looks to be a fun full of life lil guy! aww to the new parents! so happy for all….makes my heart sing.

  3. sabrina rose says:

    OH NO! I didn’t get there in time! Well, I don’t even live in California so it was bound to happen. Sigh. That little guy is sure to be somebody’s soul mate pretty darn quick! I hope they are happy together always.

  4. Totally called eet!

  5. Our story went up @ 4pm PT—-@ about 4:46 they made that announcement!

  6. gangewifreweaving says:

    wow cute overload can work miracles! way to go little freddy! enjoy your forever home! ❤

  7. Congratulations Freddie! He looks so happy!

  8. CuteOverload should do an adopt a pet a day! It’d be a wonderful feature! And animals would be saved!

  9. freetomato says:

    Freddy looks a lot like Bailey June, who just joined our family…..crazy hair and bright eyes. So glad he found his forever home. Rescues are the bomb!

  10. Emmberrann says:

    Yay for the Rescute! And the rescuters! Long and happy times together!

  11. Freddy is adorable! I’m sure he’ll love his forever home! I adopted the most amazing dog from a rescue group last year too!

  12. I agree that Cute Overload should do an adopt a pet day, the way Dog Shaming does Adoptable Fridays.

  13. Dog Lover says:

    Rescues are the best!!! I’m so thrilled for Freddy and for his family. Just think – his hoomins get to wake up to That Face every morning for years and years to come. Fills my heart with quiet joy.

  14. It is such wonderful news that Freddy got adopted!
    I adore his beautiful eyes and sweet fuzzy face. His new hoomins are very lucky. I always consider myself rescued by my rescues.

  15. mary nilan says:

    I am the lucky adoptee!! He is really settling in and loves his brother Quincy Jones. When I saw Freddie’s photo, it is the mirror image of Quincy-truly!. Freddie is full of energy, extremely friendly and affectionate. When you see the two of them together running across the grass in Stern Grove, it’s awesome. I changed the spelling of his name because I always name my animals after musicians and therefore, Freddie Mercury of Queen.

  16. Smartypants says:

    Congratulations, Mary N! You have awesome taste in puppehs.

  17. Cat lover says:

    Woohoo! He’s got a home!