This Dot Thing Is Drivin’ Me Nuts

[Why can’t I catch this little thing? I am a Mighty Hunter! I can DO this! Well, mebbe not.]

Leo the curious kitteh, sent in by Stephanie.



  1. canadianmary says:

    Oh my I am slain by the cute-ness of this kitteh…the chubbular form, the prosh markings, the forward slanting earses showing intense interest in this amazing and yet elusive dot…*sigh*…one comment only “WANT!”…

  2. Clairdelune says:

    This kitteh looks like he/she is wearing a mask and a cape — a hero in disguise? LOVE the chubbular tocks. 😀

  3. Dog Lover says:

    Adorable, playful kitteh. Oh wait, aren’t they all? 🙂

  4. Ellen W. says:

    This is why I think everyone should have the experience of having a kitten at least once. They are the cutest things in the world.

    CanadianMary- I was just about to write that I think this is a perfect example of the kitty belly they get right before a growth spurt! So cute!!

  5. AWW 😀 Leo, the curious kitteh, is certainly a cutie 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with dear sweet, Leo, Stephanie. 😀

  6. I jut LOVE those white ears on that gray head!