This Pad Thing Is Mighty Frustrating!

[I want the mouse. HOW. DO. I. GET. THE. MOUSE? I just wanna say hi to it, I won’t hurt eet or nuthin’.]

From KB.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Teh leetol stance! Gah! *clunk*

  2. 260Oakley says:


  3. I teekle those leetle kitteh pits!

  4. Jimbeaux says:

    Oh ma gawd! The flailing! The squeaking!

  5. I swear I have the only cat in the world who’s scared of the ipad.

  6. I would love to know what app that was. It would be interesting to see what my two cats would do with it.

  7. iPawed .. hehe .. Love it ..

    Kitten: “MOM!! My mouse isn’t working right”

  8. 😆 AWW 😆 You will learn to catch that mouse, dear sweet little kitty 😆

  9. This looks like Game for Cats. My kitty loves the laser pointer game in that app.

  10. I must have Luddite cats because they ignore the cat-apps with twitchy moving things I download for them.