Mike Gets A Puppeh Named Tobias

This is what Sundays were made for. (Well, Bundays were made for Bunnehs, but that’s a whole different thing.) Little puppehs bouncing to perky music, through the grass, all floppy and stumbly. Bet when you roll Tobias over and snorf his belleh, he smells good. Anyway, Mike just got Tobias! Look at Little T go!

Mike, send Tobias over to C.O. HQ so we can test this theory. We’ll pay for his first-class airfare.

We’re not kidding.

TO to the resqte here. “Top Of The World” from Imagine Dragons.



  1. OmGoodness! i is ded. The pawses. The flopsing earses. The button eyes, and boopable nosiscle. Don’t even bother to bring the HelloKitty Defibralathingamy… at least I dieded happy…

  2. I am hyperventilating over his flopping triangular ears.

  3. I’ll pay first class for Tobias AND Mike. 🙂

  4. rocky griffin says:

    That was a super cute video! The music and everything! That was some world-class cuteness!

  5. Puppeh looks like his Dad-

  6. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Lucky Tobias. Lucky Mike.

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Cutest puppeh ever, in my To-biased opinion.

  8. Man of CO contender,

  9. I second Mike for a ‘Man of CO Calendar’ spot. And Tobias is, indeed, too cute for regular speed cameras.

  10. Please tell me this is a shelter dog and not a purebred

  11. Maybe we need a sub-calendar: “The Puppies of The Men of CO”

  12. The ear flappage, people! THE EAR FLAPPAGE.


  13. Cried like a baby. If all pets had owners like this! So beautiful.

  14. Thank you fora sharing your puppeh happiness Mike!! Beautiful heart- warming video …:-)

  15. For the love of god, cute puppeh and a top contender for men of CO coffee table book. Might have to call in sick today. My brain is mush.

  16. Dog Lover says:

    Good gravy, Marie! (And no, I’m not actually 100 years old). 🙂

    Between the immense joy that only a puppeh is capable of expressing and the hot… I mean, very handsome and dignified guy, I am stupefied. Stupefied, I tellz ya!! 🙂

  17. I’ll take one of each! And also wherever this delightful wonderland little Tobias is exploring. How lovely.

  18. Tobias knocking over the dandy-lion flower in slo-mo is what did it for me. That much cuteness should be regulated I mean look how many of us have brain damage or even dieded from watching Tobias & his hot Daddy.