These Whiskers

Boldly go where no whiskers have gone before.

“Bailey, Queen of the Universe.” -Aditi K. C.



  1. Sweet!

  2. I do believe that he is quite wide with all that whiskerage…. making it easy to judge distance for his big tocks to squeeeze through things, like boxes!

  3. 4leafclover says:

    She is… The Most Interesting Cat In The World…

  4. Mrs. Norris says:

    I’m sure many a feline are experiencing whisker-envy.

  5. victoreia says:

    @4leafclover: YES!

  6. whawhawhatsis says:

    Now those are some elegant whiskers!

  7. mauderules says:

    That’s one seriously bodacious set of whiskers, truly befitting Her Universal Majesty.

  8. rocky griffin says:

    Her whiskers are bendy and arching and kind of soft. I have a cat with whiskers like that but not as broad. My other cat has whiskers like quills and they are quite stiff and I frequently find them in the floor.

  9. rocky griffin says:

    But I know of another cat and her whiskers are the most beautiful whiskers. She’s kinda looks like a cute rabbit also.

  10. That’s a look that says “I have got it _all_ goin’ on and I know it!”

  11. Verrrry funny, Captain Smirk…

  12. AWW 😀 Dear sweet Bailey is the Queen of the Universe 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with her, Aditi K. C. 😀

  13. Yuri Bell says:

    That is a very fine rack she’s got.