THIS JUST IN: Mama Heffalump Rescues Bebeh!

Folks, this one is gonna keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t worry, everyone is safe! Whew!

As seen on VVV.



  1. pha-yoo!

    didn’t look too dangerooz, just a bit slippery on the route he took out of the mud puddle he was pwning

    mammalump ftw!

  2. I love how the clan gathers around to rescue the litte one.

  3. rocky griffin says:

    I am so happy it had a happy ending! Yah elephants!

  4. “Junior, what did I tell you about playing in the mud?!?”

  5. sabrina rose says:

    Omigosh, that was a very tiny heffalump! Bet he needs a long nap after his big adventure. So glad the mamas could save him and hope he remembers how treacherous mud can be!

  6. I was waiting for the elephant child to get a spanking.

  7. Learning experience for mama: pulling baby out from the front does not work. Pushing out from behind works!

  8. Love how she pushes the rest of the herd out of the way so she could get a better angle. Heffalumps are gorgeous. All of them! I love how concerned they all were.

  9. tommygirl says:

    That is sooo sweet! Moms are awesome. I love how all the elephants look really concerned, too… I know they will be protective of other babies as well.

  10. kallisto73 says:

    That lil Heffalump sounded quite distraught… I’m glad he had help to get out of there. Poor lil Heffalump. So tiny!

  11. Elephants are extremely social and adults in the pod will often watch out for young, even those that are not their own. It breaks my heart to think of these wonderful animals decimated for their tusks. The only animal that needs an elephant tusk is an elephant.