Springtime Can WAIT

As far as (OMGPONIES!!1!1!1) Stetson is concerned, winter can take all the time it WANTS!

Another gem from The TO.


  1. Saffron says:

    Hey, my yard is still covered in snow and how come there is no pony with a snowy schnozz anywhere???

    And, OMGSNOWYPONIES!11!!1!1!!1!!!!!111!!1!

  2. elishab says:

    Snowponies….yes…..rubbing that head in the snow then sticking the tongue out…….just SO much fun!!!
    Wish I had a snowpony now…….the snow is just coming down here, I’m at work and hoping this will stop by the time I need to go home. I’m in Winston Salem NC BTW and this winter has just been too weird!!
    Snowponies, definitely take my mind off work!

  3. Can I just say, that is possibly the best horse name I have heard yet!

  4. sabrina rose says:

    That snow is so fluffy and pure and clean! No wonder the horses want to roll in it! It must feel like heaven.


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