Friday Haiku Too: Badda-Beep, Badda-Boop

Joey Tomato
Loves to drink water anytime
Named for a gangsta?

“He will eat tomatoes and really any kind of people food he can steal from us. What Joey loves most of all is water. When he was a kitten, he didn’t want to drink from his bowl, so I grabbed the squirt bottle I originally bought to punish him for going on counters. Well, he latched on and loved it so much it stuck with him. He was recently in the hospital for a week, diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. We were so glad to get him home and back to his normal self!” -Anonymous Cuteporter.



  1. Joey Tomato now joins the ranks of Joey Bag-o-Donuts, Johnny Roastbeef and Dominic Pots-n-Pans. Purrrfecto.

  2. Sharon Wilson says:

    That big claw in the hand–ouch!

  3. I’ve never seen a tabby I didn’t love, but Joey is especially adorable.

  4. freetomato says:

    I approve of Joey Tomato.

  5. 😆 AWW 😆 I would get a kitten bottle and see if dear sweet Joey would drink water from it 😆

  6. I would bop that peenk nose and kiss that furry, sweet cheek.

  7. I let my cats drink wherever, whenever they’re in the mood. It helps prevent kidney problems.

  8. rocky griffin says:

    Awesome story and I really enjoyed the footage!

  9. rocky griffin says:

    He dose have a cheek I’d Love to kiss but it’s not as cute as Sarah’s cheek. I Love her hugs too.

  10. rocky griffin says:

    And by the way, I am so glad he made a recovery!

  11. That would make me so happy if my boys drink out of a spray bottle.

  12. I don’t lap or sip
    Gulp or guzzle
    I get my media streaming

  13. Saffron says:

    I am so glad Joey is home from the hospital and am wishing him many years of health and…water bottles. 🙂

  14. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    Tho I’m partial to Maru, I could watch lotsa Joey vids too. Great kitty face. Only thing I’m wondering, with the diagnosis of pancreatitis and all, are you sure that’s just water Joey’s drinking from those bottles?

  15. Hi everyone! I just wanted to answer some questions about his medical issues…I clean the water bottle regularly and put fresh water in every time, to make sure he’s not getting any bacteria from it. He’s been to the vet for regular check-ups and doesn’t have diabetes or kidney issues, so I think he’s just crazy about water! Thanks for watching the video 🙂

  16. What an adorable big, fluffy baby! 🙂