This Screensaver Is Kind of Creepy

I mean, most of them have some kind of animation, but this one just sits there and stares at you.

Via Reddit.



  1. rocky griffin says:

    Thanks cuteoverload for all the cuteness but I still miss my Sarah B.

  2. But does he claw you when you try to wake up your screen?

  3. I could watch this for hours.

  4. Hello, Support? Yes, my monitor is making a funny sound. Kind of buzz, or a purr. No, it isn’t coming from the speakers. Unplug it? Ok, hang AHHHGHAH!

  5. Unique way to recycle stuff, especially a good way to make your cat happy. Love it!

  6. He / she must be the famous LOLCAT! I’ve been told (and I believe everything I hear) that the internjet is just a series of tubes filled with lolcats, and obviously one of such tube ( a very small one) leads to this mjonitor, because one of the kittehs is stuck there!!!

  7. Dog Lover says:

    Cyberpunkrocker speaks the truth. I’m hjappy to have it explained in such sjimple tjerms. 🙂

  8. AWW 😀 What a great idea to turn an old computer monitor into a cat bed for your dear sweet kitty 😀

  9. victoreia says:


  10. this should have an impending doom tag…just look at those wackadoodle-eyes!

  11. Grace Ippolito says:

    I think he’s adorable. Love black and white cats