This Is Your Bambi On Winter

Ugh! I demand no more snow! (stomps hoof) I want spring! I want it now! Do you know who I am? I am Ba– OK, who threw that snowball at me?

Via The Weather Channel Twittoi.



  1. rocky griffin says:

    O how beautiful! I want to hug it!

  2. Everything was fine ’til I scrolled all the way down to his/her legs; took me a minute to figure which belonged where.
    Think I’d better have an early night!

  3. merrick says:

    i have one of those, they really love the snow, it’s the heat they don’t like

  4. Sorry Bambi .. I did it

  5. Also, super cute round little birds in the background.

  6. whatthelump says:

    @Ding, Right? I’d never be able to photograph a deer AND a cardinal (I hope it’s not decoration or something).
    Anyway, the pic’s giving me a wonderful Narnia vibe 🙂

  7. Sharon Wilson says:

    And if you look close, one of the birdehs is flapping around in the snow!