Smile For The Camera? This IS My Smile!

[You should see me when I’m grumpy.]
This orphaned Baby Great Horned Owl is a patient at the California Wildlife Center. Photo via KB.



  1. Dog Lover says:

    Fuzzy wuzzy owlet looks like he got into the cooking sherry. 🙂

  2. twocityshibas says:

    The new face of disapproval!

  3. whawhawhatsis says:

    Owlet is disapproving of the fact that there’s no hovertext on his photo. 😦

  4. rocky griffin says:

    Well, it is still cute!

  5. Rescue Gal says:

    First day of school photo!

  6. He looks a little like Oscar the Grump err Gouch (Minus the green and + A beak)
    (oh boy .. MATH TEST !!)

  7. whatthelump says:

    You’re gonna grow up to be big and beautiful! Er, do you not approve?