Dora The Reluctant Explora

Folks, grab a hankie. Dora got scared from fireworks, and she took off. Her family didn’t see Dora again for seven months.

Watch what happened.




  1. I love a happy ending! My dogs hate fireworks too. 4th of July and New Year’s Eve, they are IN THE HOUSE, while I play music and feed them treats, and try to distract them.

  2. If you loose an animal it’s worth going out late at night and calling for it. By walking you lay a scent and it may follow your path home. Note it also needs to have a easy way to get in eg a cat / dog door or an outside shed with a blanket it knows. It worked for me.

  3. kallisto73 says:

    I welled up. And yes, my ones are both chipped. May I never need to rely on that, though!

  4. Chip your pup(s) please ..

  5. What a great reunion! I’m a big believer in microchips, even though our cats are indoor boys. It’s good to know that if they ever do get out and make a run for it, there’s an easy way for them to get back to us.

  6. Patrick says:

    I would love to watch these videos without the soppy music.

  7. JenDeyan says:

    I need a hankie…

  8. twocityshibas says:

    Show of hands, who else started bawling when she gently pawed at her dad…

  9. Susan L. says:

    If someone steals your dog and sells it to a laboratory, the microchilp will probably save it. Same thing for a dog new to a veterinarian. You might receive a call. I chip my dogs and haven’t ever had a problem with the chip. I’ve used chip clinics so the cost is really low too.

  10. megamissystar says:

    “Grab a hankie”, my ass. How about a complete reapplication of makeup

  11. yulyndi says:

    Poor Dora obviously had it rough out in the wild. She was very scared and hesitant and it made me cry to think of all the scary and hurtful things she suffered while separated from her family.

  12. Jean King says:

    She seemed scared of her owner. She was fine until she saw him, then she tucked her tail between her legs and and tried to make herself invisible. I’d have second thoughts about giving her back to somebody she was obviously terrified of.

  13. megamissystar says:

    Jean, I don’t believe Dora was scared…I think she was simply overwhelmed, and unable to believe this was really happening. Imagine if a person you loved vanished, then re-appeared. You might not process it immediately.

  14. Dog Lover says:

    I bawled my eyes out. A microchip is the best investment you’ll ever make if you value your pet. Seriously.

  15. Jean–that’s exactly what I thought. I’m worried about the doggeh.

  16. Maybe microchipping should be a law……

  17. god love em 💜

  18. Yes. I too thought the dog looked like it thought it was about to get in big trouble. It was cowering.

  19. Hey – you peeps sayin’ Dora was scared – of course she was! But NOT of the owner. Her behavior definitely implies anxiety/fright, and it starts immediately from the second we see her in the video in her holding pin – the ear flicks, glancing over shoulder, the dropped tail when she rounds the corner – it wasn’t a response to seeing the owner and I think that’s an important distinction. Especially that she was so quick to submit upon him petting her, and her putting her paws up on his leg – all good signs. Considering what the dog had just been through… The owners are going to/had to work with her to reverse the trauma, I’m sure. I hope they had a vet that could recommend a good behavioral therapist to help them if it is/was needed.

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    She was joyous when he put the leash on her and she realized she was leaving with him. The initial cowering might have been associating him with those banging noises that scared her last time she was with him. That’s my take on it. And yeah, I should have paid attention when they said grab a hankie .. sniff ..

  21. She didn’t look scared of the owner to me. I saw “Daddy? Is that you? Really? I was lost. I missed you. I was sad. Give me a hug, Daddy. I need some comfort. I need to know you’re real.”

  22. hey, microchipping isn’t enough!!!! Folks, REGISTER your microchip. We found a beautiful sweet well taken care of dog. We took her to the vet to check for the chip, she had one, but no one bothered to register it, so we have no idea who she belongs to. Follow through, people, microchip your pet, AND register the chip. This sweet girl would be home with her family right now if her people had followed through. She is well taken care of, i’m sure they love her and miss her dearly. We have signs all over the neighborhood, and posted found dog online. still haven’t heard from anybody.

  23. rocky griffin says:

    Wonderful ending! Hope this doggie has a terrific life!

  24. Jean+,

    She doesn’t look scared, she looks submissive. As long as dogs aren’t anxious or overly shy, this is a lucky trait to come by naturally! Dogs that are submissive w/o work are a pleasure. Lots of happy pups who love their owners roll on over to submit to belly scratches, etc.


  25. sabrina rose says:

    One of my little shelter rescues cowers if scared or verbally reprimanded. Maybe Dora thought she would be punished for running away. Why wasn’t the dog put safely inside her home during the fireworks? Casey is probably right, but a timid submissive posture raises a red flag to me. It couldn’t hurt for one of the shelter’s workers to stop by to visit Dora’s home and just check things out. Dora should have been bouncing off the walls with smiles, and her owner also.

  26. Linda H. says:

    Oh goodness gracious, I’m a puddle of mush.

  27. That isn’t a scared dog, that’s a I-was-so-lonely-and-scared-and-didn’t-know-where-you-were-and-now-you’re-here-and-is-this-real-I-can’t-believe-I-found-you dog. Imagine a small child who was lost. Then the parents find her and she just crawls into a lap and holds on and maybe cries.

  28. ohhhh Dora honey! Sooo happy to see her Daddy!

  29. Dora looks thoroughly traumatized. Poor thing with her ears and tail down. Hopefully she’ll perk up once she’s home.

    On a side note, I still hate not beign able to follow threads and missing the tags on the side.

  30. Michelle says:

    I’ve watched this video several times, and it is moving, but the dog’s posture bothers me. I want to believe the dog is overwhelmed with happiness and relief, but what I see are apology and fear. Yes, she does seem happy to be leaving with her master, and maybe she is, there’s no way to know. It has just been bothering me since I watched it earlier today; something seems not right.

  31. Who am I to analyze why Dora seems so sad? When her human started to pet her she looked heartbroken rather than fearful, and she was obviously very happy to leave with her dad. And that’s all the armchair psychology I need…

    As for loud noise, those Thundershirts seem to work for a lot of doggies!

  32. dolphin815 says:

    Michelle – Yeah, she kind of looks like she’s just generally a big, sweet scaredy-cat, but…we don’t know.

  33. Jenny Islander says:

    I watched it with the sound off and I got, “I seem to remember that right after I saw you last time, I did something Very Very Naughty. Are you mad at me? No? You sure you’re not mad at me? Oh, boy, it’s my Daddybossalphadog and he isn’t mad at me! . . . We’re going? Together? Yay!”

  34. Michelle says:

    This video strikes me wrong so I reached out to an animal rescuer/rehabilitator. His response:
    “I just saw the video, and I agree with you… that’s a very weird reaction of the dog – definitely not what I would expect, and I am surprised how many people thought this was a “happy” video. Assuming that this is a loving owner, the only thing I can think of is: what if he owned her only for 3 days and then she ran away? There is no indication of that at all, and I have a very strong feeling that this is not what really happened there.