Chapter Nine, in Which Mr. Devereaux Can Contain His Desires No Longer

Hesitantly, Roger opened the door to Daphne’s private boudoir. She stood before him, radiant in the moonlight, clad only in the sheer silken nightclothes that flowed elegantly around her demure figure. “I am not accustomed to visitors at this hour, good sir,” she said in a voice at once coy and commanding.

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  1. lolololol

  2. Clairdelune says:

    ROFL — Gypsy Rose Lee, eat your heart out!!! Mr. Devereaux doesn’t stand a chance.

  3. “Coy AND commanding”–sounds exactly like my kittehs.

  4. AWW 😀 (I still want the CuteOverload website to go back the original format 😦 )

  5. 260Oakley says:

    The Drapes of Wrath

  6. whawhawhatsis says:

    AWW indeed! 😀 And I still want at least the CO comments to go back to the original format, too, and a link to the next and preceding items on the comment page. I hate all this back-and-forthing to the main page just to read the comments and then move on to the next item!

  7. My vote to go back to the old format as well. I stayed mum to see if I could get used to this, and I have to say that I liked the old way much better. Love this post, though!

  8. NOMTOM does it again. My first laugh of the day, and well worth waiting for.

  9. Dog Lover says:

    I actually like the new look but I’d love to have certain features back, i.e., the ability to reply and not having to return to the main page to jump to the next item. If we could get those two things back, I’d be happy as a piglet. 🙂

  10. She thinks no one can see her!

  11. A strange man in my bedroom, anything could happen….

    And if we had threads, someone could say, “No it won’t.”

  12. I’m with Dog Lover…I can get used to everything else but the comments and no next/previous links were bad moves.

  13. Dear NOMTOM, We fully expect you to include this excellent photo to your future coffee table book with 260O’s equally excellent pun. Thus We command thee.
    :sips tea:

  14. I love the post, it’s one of NOMTOM’s best. I also love the hover text and Oakley’s pun. I also agree with the other posters about not being able to reply to individual posts and link back to the home page.

  15. Emmberrann says:

    I want to hit the reply button but it no longer exists! Quel calamity! I

  16. TheIglets says:

    It looks like a Ray Caesar print. Cool.

  17. crashnandicoot says:

    oh dear Moderator, please be listening to our requests! I agree with everyone above. Please bring back the awesomeness of the past! Yes indeed, this is the funniest post I have seen in a super long time, which is saying a lot, because I love Cute Overload. (bows and retreats.)

  18. NTMTOM, LOL!
    I really want to like the new format because it’s cute, but it’s also distracting me from the posts.Sorry.

  19. victoreia says:

    Oakley wins again!