THIS JUST IN: Maru And Hana’s Bed: The Video!

Remember this post from earlier this week? Now we’ve got the video!



  1. Mmm, I’ll take a half dozen of the Maru and a half-dozen of the Hanna flavored ones, please.

  2. 😆 AWW 😆 I just LOVE the way that Maru and Hana play together 😆

  3. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    Maru is sooooo beautiful. He’s got the best kitty face and such a shiny coat. I could watch him all day. The saddest part of Maru vids is the word “end.”

  4. So much fun :3

  5. The only way to resolve this is get two beds. I hope we see this in a future video.

  6. … and I love that cow soft toy that is looking on their antics. ^_^

  7. @warm-n-fuzzy: Agreed.

  8. Servant of Ninja the Cat says:

    Maru looks extra shiny and fluffy today.

  9. My stomach sucks right now. I need a human-sized macaron bed for myself to cuddle in, stat. Domo arigatou.
    (please throw Maru and Hana in, too. there’ll be always room for them)

  10. murkle46 says:

    Maru’s happiness must be off the charts now that he has another kitty to do cat stuff with.

  11. edmundh says:

    This video leaves one big question: Hana looks to be defending her rights to the bed quite effectively, so HOW did Maru get in there at the end? I want answers!

  12. Boy, do I love Maru and little Hana. I love her long, skinny tail and his big, fat one. Also, I want that bed for my own kitties! It’s cool!

  13. Macaron bed?

  14. rocky griffin says:

    I am so glad they posted a video since the pictures! Maru is so cute and fat and I Love his fur! I am happy that he has Hana now and that she is energetic and also a cute cat!

  15. Did you notice? I think they broke their cat bed. Ummmmm! Bet it was Maru.

  16. I think that bed is just a *touch* too small for Maru. I’m picturing Maru inside the bed with his legs outside, walking around like a roly-poly fuzzy turtle.

  17. His Royal Girthness has grown more agile and more nimble since Hana joined him. Looks like he has lost some weight too 🙂

  18. elishab says:

    Wow, Hana has grown! I love it she knocks Maru over and he just stays there. Classic!
    I can’t decide though, which is cuter, the Maruburger look or the ClamHana look. I like both, but I love it when Hana is in the bed reaching out to swat Maru……best laugh today!

  19. JenDeyan says:

    @gmm That fuzzy turtle image gave me a good laugh!

  20. So cute! Great video. Anyone know where I can order the bed??

  21. I would like to know where Maru and Hana’s parents bought this bed. A couple of my cats would LOVE it. I have searched and searched, I can’t find it!

  22. orcgirl says:

    I love how sassified Miss Hana is.

  23. anonymous coward says:

    well, i love what you did with the place! 🙂

    and back to our original programming: i am astonished to see how fur-free mugumogu’s flat is. and look at those floors! how does she do it?

    @vanessa bennett: i think the two halves are velcro’ed together.

  24. Meekster says:

    Adorable, as always. Where can I get a cat bed like that??

  25. One of these days their both going to dive into that from opposite ends ram into each other’s head in the middle and knock each other out.

  26. Sooo adorabuhls! As always. 🙂

  27. Found this at Gizmodivadotcom: Shaped just like the two halves of a burger bun (or macaroon), this pillow allows your kitty to climb into its warm cocoon and just sleep comfortably for the rest of the day. If you don’t believe us, you have to take the word of Japanese Cat superstar Maru, who is seen enjoying the Burger Bed, and peeping out coquettishly in these snaps. Have you seen anything cuter?

    The Burger Cat Bed/Pillow can be found on Amazon Japan. It comes in two colors – Beige – White and Pink – White.

  28. So nice to see Maru and Hana having fun! Oh Maru, HOW do you always look so cute!?