Tater Tot, Dahling!

You look fabulous! Yes you do.

‘Cause every pup looks their best when getting their picture taken by the best!

Especially the pups at the San Francisco Animal Care & Control.

Josh Norem gives pups their best shot at being your next best friend.

So, if too far away you are not, and now you want to adopt, won’t you consider Tater Tot?

“He is at SF ACC waiting for his forever home.” –Josh Norem.



  1. Can you imagine if you had a tuxedo cat and this pup? What amazing visuals if they were best buds!

  2. Tardar Sauce should adopt Tater Tot.

  3. Oh, those beautiful little eyes! I’d take him in a heartbeat if I could.

  4. “Just don’t call me late for dinner!”

  5. Wow, I have my own tag now. I have made it!!! Thanks CO 😀

  6. I suspect that Mr. Tot will not be SF ACC for long, given this publicity. 😉

  7. OH Dear God in Heaven, is this little morsel actually named Tater Tot? *Kerplunk*

    Clean up, aisle 10, 11, and 15!!!!

  8. That’s it. road trip to SanFran. Rolling out in 5.

  9. Dog Lover says:

    Tater Tot??? Are you kidding me???? 🙂 It’s the little mouf that keeeels me. And the floppy ears. And the big soul devouring eyes. But mostly the mouf. 🙂

    Josh N, if anybody deserves a tag it’s you. You know we love you, right?

  10. bluebird says:

    Josh Norem is the bestest.