“No Better Cure Than A Fluffy Little Animal”

Check it out, People! Got this one from Eric R. “My wife and I have produced a film titled Sit Stay Ride about sidecar dogs and hoped you might enjoy the preview. We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for funds to finish and distribute the film.”

Sit Stay Ride follows a number of sidecar-riding duos, trios, and foursomes as they travel together– sharing the experience of being out and about on a machine as unique as it’s passengers. It’s a delightful and inspiring documentary film about motorcyclists and their beloved canine co-pilots.

[That’s Fernand and Albert the Beagles in the photo, cruising through San Francisco. -Ed.]



  1. When riding on a bike behind Bruce the mastiff, be sure to put your face guard down, unless eau de mastiff is a good scent for you.

  2. The word ‘doggles’ is my favourite thing about this video.

  3. Better have wipers installed on the helmet for the Mastiffs drivers .. dddddrrrrrroooollll Alert

  4. The beagles look like Snoopy as the WWI Flying Ace . . .

    “Someday I’ll get you, Red Baron!”