Hold On To Your Butts

Dr. Ian Malcolm: Did you find him?
Roland Tembo: Just the parts they didn’t like.

“This is a video of my cat Mr. Moo-Ping (black) and Miss Moo-Wan (white) combined with footage clips from Jurassic Park shot and edited by We Are Camera Studio. Hope you like it.” -Soonthorn P.



  1. Well crafted and suspenseful, but where’s the cute part?

  2. Big improvement on the original.

  3. LOL !! Jur-cats-ic Park !!

  4. rocky griffin says:

    Cats are more like guardians instead of bad guys. Think of battle cat on He-man.

  5. Hehehehehehehehe ! You said Butt ! (sorry my mind has been taken over by minions)

  6. Purrfrectly hilarious!

  7. Velocicatpurr.

  8. I’m trying to send a link and/or post to facebook and I get a “page not found” message. Help.

  9. 😆 AWW 😆 Good job.