Tired Of The Winter Weather?

You’re not alone.

From Imgur.



  1. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    “Please, can my friend and I come in for just a moment, to warm up? We can’t take this weather anymore.”

  2. “It’s cold. And there are wolves after us.”

  3. 4leafclover says:

    They look like Dickensian street urchins!! Sit them down by the fireplace and feed them bowls of stew! 😦

  4. Leilani says:

    Poor little soggy racketycoons!

  5. Leilani says:

    And a nice big cup of hot tea.

  6. The feets! THE FEETS!

  7. rocky griffin says:

    These guys are highly cute and the feet look like hands but the soggy fur knocks off a couple of cute points but I would still take them in and fatten them up a bit and prolly try to keep them!

  8. Yep, dems be cute feets!

  9. Dog Lover says:

    “Perhaps we could come in just long enough for a warm baff and some yummy noms and maybe a snuggly blankie or two.”

  10. Oh these wee banditos — poor soaked things!! They need mittens and tiny socks! Not to mention little boots and hats.

  11. Mmm…makes me wonder what wet raccoon smells like.

  12. yulyndi says:

    come to texas little guys – it be 80s here in a coupla days!

  13. Peanutcat says:

    Poor little guys!

  14. so so precious!!!