The Ferret Focus Group Has Spoken

When we knew we wanted to do a redesign for Cute Overload, there was only one place to go. We only hire the best around here, so allow me to introduce to you:

The Ferret Focus Group.

Quirky. Excitable. Easily distracted.

But man, can they put a design together! They gnawed for months on our refreshed logo, and chose the color palette by pawing through endless color swatches. Très thorough.

The ferrets had three goals in mind for the redesign: Focus on larger images, show larger images, and please can the content be larger. Together, we accomplished all those things.

I can’t even remember what the old site looked like. Can you?

Black-footed ferret kits at the National Zoos Conservation and Research Center by Mehgan Murphy, Smithsonian National Zoo.



  1. Like the new look

  2. So cute! I love ferrets!

  3. rocky griffin says:

    I think the new design is good but I miss the flyin Robovarski with his jelly and beans showing. I didn’t know if he had a pen or a straw so would someone please tell me what he had now.

  4. Baby Bat: “I still can’t see all the cuteness-I guess I’m blind as a .. well you know .. BAT”

  5. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I fee like these ferrets are kin to me. I wonder why. :V

  6. sabrina rose says:

    Gosh, I don’t know. I liked the old format so much, It was adorable and unique. I miss The Tiniest Snorfer and the Swinging Hammie and the little cartoon critters. Couldn’t you just add them in up top?? Plus, I’ll have to buy a much bigger monitor now (it’s about time!). However, those ferrets look intelligent and trustworthy, so maybe I’m just an old fogey stuck in the past. I do like the bright pastels and the always-great hover texts..


  8. Kellie Anderson says:

    I kind of like the new look – but I agree with Sabrina Rose – I miss the tiniest snorfer and the cartoon critters…. but change is a good thing… Still love you guys! Keep up the good work!

  9. Beautiful new look!! Congratulations!!!

  10. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I like the new look. I had no idea about ferrets!! The Ferret Un-Focused Group.

  11. I hate change 😦 so don’t go by me, I am sure that this new design is actually very good. I miss the tiniest snorfer, is there any wher eI can still find him on the site

  12. Saffron says:

    Is it possible to please reinstate the ability to reply to a specific comment?

    Otherwise, love the new design! It pleases my aging eyeballs. 😀

  13. Madame X says:

    The FFG do look intelligent and trustworthy – very serious bunch, indeed. Perhaps they are concerned customers will not approve of their choices? The public can be so fickle and unappreciative of artistic expression and modern marketing trends and the allure of Styrofoam peanuts…!

    PS The new spread is nice, even if I’ll miss the floating hammies…

  14. Ferret kits? We canz build ar own?

  15. Kari Callin says:

    Love the new look, but can you please put back the ability to reply to other’s comments? Thanks for the great site!

  16. Great idea, Saffron, and I’ve seen this request on other posts as well. We will look into bringing that back!

  17. Oooh, me likey….

  18. Starfish says:

    Ooh, fancy! Ferrets sure know how to decorate.

  19. I like it! But I’d sure like to see the little fairy hamsters somewhere.

  20. Sorry, but this looks designed to death and I don’t like the comment area change.

  21. Needs hamster pants.

  22. I miss the reply to a specific post, the banter between peeps was sometime hilarious!

  23. I like the new design! I am, however, on the same boat as some others with the comments, they’re such a fun interactive part of the site and I can’t even follow the order without making myself dizzy looking back and forth 🙂 But I enjoy my silly little icon!!

  24. Whoa! Change! Eek!

    Seriously, it looks cool, but the two-column comment section is confusing. o.O

  25. Ack! And how do we move to the next/previous entry without having to go all the way back to the home page??

  26. Sabreur says:

    No problems with the overall look, but I’m not liking the comments layout. A simple one-column layout might not be very stylish, but it’s a lot easier to follow and read.

  27. Michelle says:

    I LOVE the new look – it’s so fresh!

  28. I agree with you guys, comment section needs work!

  29. CarolT & Kitty says:

    I can only see 2 pages when I start from Home. I did a couple of searches and only got 2 pages of results, when I expected more.
    I also miss the Previous/Next page options.

  30. I do not like this. CHANGE IT BACK! I can’t post and then scroll down. Hate it.
    And I don’t trust Ferrets. You should have asked the ponies.

  31. Gah, I wanna kiss all those little noses and give them Ferretone and socks to play with!

  32. Nubular ears and frownie faces for the win! They are soo cute.

  33. I miss the tags that were easy to reference.

  34. The ferrets are cute… but I liked the old design better

  35. I miss the hovertext, they were fantastic!

  36. Um…I had a bad day I’m in a complainy mood, so sorry, but I don’t like the two-column comments. I can’t tell what order they’re supposed to go in; can’t follow a conversation. And where did the Next Post/Previous Post links go? I always just work my way back from the most recent post until I get to the last one I read. Now it looks like I have to keep going back to the home page, or open everything in a new tab? Not good!

    (But bigger cute is nice, I guess. It’s not all bad.)

  37. I like the new look but I wish you’d have kept the tiniest snorfer

  38. With this new (and improved ?) format, how will NOMTOM do his marvelous lead-ins? The ones that have us hanging on his words as we scroll down to the punch-line picture? And how can we reply to Oakley’s awesome punnage? Inquiring minds want to know. Nay, they demand it!

  39. Oh, Lord. You’ve moved the furniture. I hate it when you do this.

  40. The new design is lovely! I haven’t tried it on the mobile yet but I bet it translates well. Very Well Done!!

    One comment…I agree with Saffron about direct reply to a comment. Also, I’m not sure but, are the comments in order of submission? They seem a-jumble. Additionally, I’ll be needing a French Roast Decaf with a raspberry scone, a trained ferret who can find my lost keys, and a well fed Mastiff to heat my bed at night.

  41. I do like the new look.
    But I must admit I will miss Hammie Pants and Lake Tinkle. 🙂

  42. It’s a nice design, but it looks like every other “redesigned” website I’ve seen suddenly popping up all over the Intertubes. Sigh. Nice job, I guess. I miss that little pink pig already.

  43. Can you bring back the email function? Please?

  44. I don´t like the new layout. 😦
    Its what we in german would call a “Verschlimmbesserung”.
    Why in the hell, all blogs have to change their outfit???

  45. Where. Is. The. Tiniest. Snorfer?

    Having withdrawals.

  46. Your main body and comment font is kind of hard to read (I can’t find what one it is in the source code). A little heavier weight would help.

  47. ‘Gnawed?’ Remember everyone, Mustelids Aren’t Rodents!

  48. Is it still Mardi Gras?


  49. victoreia says:

    Gah! Some change is good; some…..not so good. (Miss the comment replies and the back/forward links.)

  50. Sorry, I don’t like the background, looks like a website for kids or something. At least try adding some cute animal to it.

    Usability is not as good as the previous one, comments are confusing to read, no recent posts etc. Please add them back, the two sides are a bit empty.

  51. Love the new look overall. The comments format is a bit disconcerting in two columns. How doth we reply to individual comments now?

  52. e z reader says:

    The look is fine, though change is unnecessary. Would like: ability to search by tags, ability to respond to a specific comment, and especially the previous/next option at the end of comments. And yes, what about the wonderfulness of NTMTOM’s lead-ins before the picture, adds tremendously to the glee. Thanks for listening and keep on cuteing!

  53. The larger pictures are great but the hover text seems to have gone the way of the dodo on them…I’m also not that crazy about the two-column comments.

  54. incredibly cute, just love these little guys,

  55. I agree with all who miss the:
    – ability to reply to a specific comment
    – ability to follow conversations betwixt and between punsters and commenters
    – ability to move to next post/previous post
    – ability to see who’s been commenting most recently
    – old font (this is very difficult to read for someone with vision difficulties)
    – NTMTOM lead-ins
    I also agree with BFB’s assertion that the background resembles that of a page advertising feminine hygiene products.

    AND WHY AM I BEING ASSIGNED A GRAVATAR??????????????????????????????????

  56. I mean, seriously, a one-eyed, bald, robotic alien foul with fireworks coming out of his/her head??? I don’t like it. I don’t like it and I don’t want it and I won’t do it. It’s tacky, tacky, tacky. (Thank you Ray Stevens!)

  57. Desdemona says:

    I agree with the comments about replying to comments. Er, . . .
    Anyway, it’s a great way to have people able to have conversations back and forth. You’ll get a lot more activity on the discussion board — trust me on this — we’ve been doing wikis for teachers here at work, and after setting it up to respond to your “Reply to Comment” format, got a LOT more traffic!

  58. I hate this new look.
    I quit “Ask” and “I can haz cheeseburger” among others because i hated their new look. So,goodby,been nice knowing you.
    I know it won’t make any difference to you. Drop in the ocean sort of thing. But I quit,you are off my “Favorites” list

  59. Likes it a lot!

  60. I know everyone’s a critic, but my only complaint is you still don’t have a Google+ button (and no, I don’t work for Google). It’s the main way I share posts and it would be much easier if I didn’t have to copy and past the post link every time…

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    Well, this woke me up! I don’t like the new comment design, the font is small and hard for me to read easily. Also don’t like the two columns. Can’t reply to others’ posts? Bummer! Also, no hovertext? Really? Another bummer! It’s Meg’s site and she can do what she wants, obviously, but I did like it better before.

  62. Mary (the first) says:

    And what is that purple blob by my name?

  63. kallisto73 says:

    Yup, I also miss the tiniest snorfer 😦

  64. Hmmmm – pretty much agree with most of the responders, one thing I haven’t seen mentioned is my pass-it-ons were mostly thru the email link, most of my friends are not on Pinterest or Twitter and several not on Facebook. (Yes, we may be dinosaurs but does that mean we don’t need our daily qte? I think not!!!)

  65. Me no like.

  66. Don’t love the new look — it feels claustrophobic to me for some reason. I would like to be able to reply to a specific comment. And I really miss the side panel with links to various tags. And “soich” (the word label, not the function). I hate to say this, but it all looks like it was designed for Easter and children. I know — how does a site called “Cute Overload” become too cute?? But you’ve managed it. I don’t miss the piglet, but would like to see a rotating image header, as before (not that you changed it often, but…). General impression — if it weren’t broke, ya shouldn’t oughta have ‘fixed’ it.

  67. Is there any way to browse the tags any more? Search doesn’t allow for random discovery.

  68. Thank you for removing the piglet, it sat there for so many years it stopped being cute. Not that an image header is bad necessarily.

  69. 6rabbits says:

    Gee, I get busy for a few days and the world falls apart!! I am strongly disliking the lack of funtionality of this new site. Did you have to throw the baby out with the bathwater? Please change the comments back to one column and allow us to reply to individual comments–it’s one of the things that made this site great. Also, how am I supposed to search for anything? What is the use of tags if you can’t search by them? Bigger pics are fine, changing the banner is fine, tho unnecessary, but I really don’t understand how the rest of the changes are going to make this site better? You should have consulted some other group besides the ferrets! Pleeeeeese put it back! 😦

  70. To add my two bits, I miss the tags section, it’s impossible to navigate now. I also miss the ability to reply to specific comments. And the two column comments board is very hard on the eyes.
    Actually, I’m sorry, but I see nothing that’s better with the new layout, and that’s not just me being a Luddite.