Fat Cat Tuesday

Since it IS Fat Cat Tuesday, the start of Mardi Gras- how could we miss You Know Who? (Yeah, we know Maru ran yesterday, too- take it up with Management.)

And then, if you prefer a kitteh with a more…slender profile, we present Leo, all decked out for Mardi Gras festivities. Or for searching for some leftover King Cake.

Mardi Gras fair (2)

Mardi Gras fair (3)
“Leopold wanted to say Happy Mardi Gras to everyone at Cute Overload!” -Brandy M.



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  2. what happened to this site?!?!

  3. It’s new it’s new and it’s allllll 4 U

  4. What an honor to be posted with Maru.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    I love Fat Mewsday and I love the new look. Folks will recover from Change Overload quickly.

  6. Sowmya Dakshinamurti says:

    The site! What… happened? 😮 It’s so… different – except with the same cute animals, comments… Okay, maybe it’s gonna be OK.

  7. murkle46 says:

    “we fear change”-Garth

  8. rocky griffin says:

    I could see Leopold’s beans! Maru, as always, displaying top-notch cuteness!

  9. Sowmya Dakshinamurti says:

    Umm… animals still cute, functionality of site MUCH worse. Dunno who recommended this change, but why change the good (reply, searching by tag, single column scrolling) along with the bad (something – wouldn’t know, I thought this site was PERFECT)?

  10. Smartypants says:

    I call ‘matchinks’ on Leopold’s eyes and beads!

  11. Can never have enough Maru, so it’s ok >:3

  12. Booo-urns. Trees aren’t yellow and the sky isn’t purple. Change it back to the way it was before.

  13. Melissa says:

    New format.’bout time. Those hamsters were there FOREVER!

  14. No more hovertext? 😦

  15. Happy Mardi Gras Leopold!

  16. workin’ on that- just for the larger images. regular size images are BAU!

  17. return the old design

  18. yulyndi says:

    New look with larger pics – Yes! Comments ricocheting back & forth – No!

  19. Leopold – Total Richard Scarry eye-action!

  20. I actually made a King Cake today, complete with praline filling and green, gold, and purple sugar. No feve (‘bean’ – which was used before there were plastic babies…), though – no more parties until Easter… (I’ll drop some off in the mod lounge. Enjoy!)

  21. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Give me beads and I’ll show you my boobies.

    *posts pictures of birds*

    (luv the new design!!)

  23. Katie H., you are so right about the Richard Scarry cat eye!!! Made me all nostalgic.

  24. I think I love BFB. Now where are the boidy photos????

  25. rocky griffin says:

    Serenpoly, you made a cake with babies on it?! Cut me off a slice of that! And save a piece for Sarah’s dad and Sarah!

  26. Bwahahahahahaaaaaaa!! *snort*

  27. AWW 😀 The things people put on their kitties 😀 I want the old layout back 😦