Daisy And Cooper Go To McDonalds

Daisy (L) gets the ice cream noms first. I wonder……why?

Artisanally (that IS a word, WordPress, so quit trying to correct it) crafted on the iPhone of Carrie S.



  1. The funniest thing I’ve seen all day! Cooper engulfed that! I love how Cooper is licking his chops the entire time 🙂

  2. Incunabula says:

    brainfreeze in 3,2,1 seconds

  3. That really is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. I was not expecting that.

  4. Reblogged this on scoochyourpooch and commented:
    This video literally has me laughing out loud so I had to share!

  5. When I was a kid, we had the best dog ever, a golden retriever called Higgins. He loved ice cream and quickly learned the word. So my mom started to spell the word so he wouldn’t understand when ice cream was served. Didn’t take long before I learned that too… 🙂

  6. rocky griffin says:

    Babies and children also Love McDonalds!

  7. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    The whole time Daisy was nomming down the ice cream I was thinking, “mean mommy,” until Cooper got his turn. He had me fooled right up until the last second. I guess I’m a sucker for soulful brown eyes.

  8. That ice cream disappeared so fast I’m expecting a tear in the space-time continuum.

  9. It’s Magic !! Now you see it .. Now you don’t !

  10. So patient, then….CHOMP!!!
    Excuse me now while I clean off my lunch table.

  11. Me too! I was not prepared for the surprise ending!

  12. BJ Patterson says:

    What happened to this video? I LOVED it and wanted to show it to my hubby, but it now just says, “This video is private”, and will not play. What’s up with this?

  13. Try again!

  14. OMG!! Actually laughed out loud when Cooper chomped. I also thought humommy was being mean until I saw her reason.

  15. Those sad eyes. I was thinking how well behaved he was unti, well, you know.

  16. You got me. I was wondering about poor Cooper not getting any ice cream. That really made me laugh!

  17. Rebecca says:

    I’ve watched this 10 times and it never gets old.

  18. Cant get enough of this – absolutely hysterically!!!!

  19. muttluver says:

    NEVER EVER FEED DOGS ICE CREAM EVER IT’S BAD FOR THEEMMMMM *coughs* Sorry that was in my system and I needed to get rid of it. >.>


  20. HAHAHAH! We call McDonald’s the “Majik Window” & when we say it around our pug, she goes nuts lmao