Clearly, It’s Baffling

Although the stealthiness of the house cat is well known, its mechanics are still a mystery. For example, cats can bend light to make themselves transparent.

Even more remarkable, cats are able to extend this transparency, enabling them to see through solid objects!

Photos via Reddit (top) and RocketNews24.



  1. Saffron says:

    They also have the ability to teleport themselves to a different time-space continuum. That is why you can NEVER find them when you need to put them in the carrier to go to the vet…..

  2. rocky griffin says:

    Very hilarious!

  3. MOL!! LOVE IT DUDE.*(purrs)*

  4. Sabreur says:

    @Saffron (Augh, I miss the ability to reply to a specific comment) – My cat also makes use of their mass-shifting ability to make herself several times heavier whenever she doesn’t want to be carried somewhere or when she’s trying to wake me up by sitting on me.

  5. Catmouflage strikes again.

  6. At first I didn’t get the top picture but the guys hair and forehead match the cat ear.

  7. Peanutcat says:

    LOL! I had to look at that first pic 3 times before I saw it!

  8. 😆 The things kitties do 😆