Classic TV Blunders

Thanks to a booking error on the long-running quiz show To Tell The Truth, it was 33 percent easier for the panelists to correctly identify Iggy, the Wonder Hound.

Via Reddit.



  1. Plus, I’ve only got 3 legs! And a hoof. Caught ya looking.

  2. Is that me? The love child of a potato and Betty Boop?

  3. Saffron says:

    Arlene Francis got it right away but it took Bennett Cerf several questions to figure it out.

  4. pretty horse, love the shaggy dogs, like little bears or something

  5. Thank GOD we still have you NTMTOM!

  6. 260Oakley says:

    I thought it might be the Newfie-wed Game, with host Bobtail Eubanks.
    (Yes, I am as old as dirt. Whoopie!)

  7. I think you got your statistics wrong. If you consider all three equally possible, your chance of guessing right is 33%; if you correctly rule out one, it becomes 50%.

  8. Deckard, you may well be right; math was never my subject. Your explanation also reminds me a bit of the famous “Monty Hall Paradox.”