Hi, U Wanna Be My Friend Or Somethin’?

According to the 22 Words.com story, the woman who shot this got a phone call from a neighbor saying there was a lone foal on his property. Gigja Einarsdottir took the little Icelandic horseh in for the night ’til they could locate the mother, which happened the next day. In the meantime, she took this video.

“I so want to be that girl.” -Liisa from Finland (rather should’ve been “from Iceland.”)


  1. That is such a lovely video.



  2. 4leafclover says:

    My Little Pöny? ;)

  3. “A pøny once bit my sister…”

  4. jlamusings says:


  5. In Iceland, it’s ‘My Little Póny’ :wink:

  6. That is adorable from start to finish! So glad the little one was reunited with Mom quickly and made a new friend in the meantime.

  7. OK, I’ll take one of each. That’s one adorable child and one itty bitty horsey. Don’t bother rapping them, I’ll take them as is.

  8. Sorry Sara .. I’ve already got my plane ticket booked for pickup
    (I wish . Grins)

  9. Unrelated… and depressing… but the 3-day old kitten I was fostering just passed away. She was doing so well this morning and I’m not sure what happened…

  10. AWW :cry: I am so sorry to hear that, Zeki :cry: BIG CYBER HUG :cry:

  11. Im so sorry Zeki. At 3 days old, your little one was so vulnerable to so many health threats.

  12. I am so sorry, Zeki. Your kitty is now frolicking with her siblings over the Rainbow Bridge. <3

  13. Dog Lover says:

    Aww hon, I’m so sorry. I’m sure you did everything possible but sometimes the odds are just stacked against them. Hugs and prayers coming your way.

  14. hugs, Zeki.

  15. :( Sending many hugs to Zeki. <3

  16. So sorry to hear that, Zeki. Hugs to you for the loss.

  17. Aww so sorry. I have fostered the tiny babies before and sometimes, sadly, there is nothing you can do. Failure to thrive its called, just part of nature sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up I am sure you did everything right..

  18. Her siblings didn’t even make it through the first night, so I knew the odds were against her, but I really hoped it would be okay. =/ No matter how much I know there was nothing more I could do, I can’t help but be really sad every time a little life goes like that.
    Fostering is emotionally exhausting.

  19. Sad. It’s hard for them to survive away from their moms so extremely young. I’m sure you did everything you could.

  20. jlamusings says:

    :-( So sorry! *hugs*

  21. Yay, I was hoping you guys would show this video. For the ones wondering what is being said, the mom is saying “Come on”, “come on Embla (the girl’s name)” “give it a little love”. Utterly cute!

  22. Martha in Washington says:

    Lucky little pony and luckier little girl!

  23. jlamusings says:

    Is anyone else hearing Nilsson singing “Let me tell ya ’bout my beeest friend…” while watching this? :-)

  24. rocky griffin says:

    Cuteoverload is reaching new heights of cuteness!

  25. This makes me so happy!!!

  26. So jealous, how adorable

  27. I would invite that little horsie into my bedroom so we could snuggle and watch tv under the covers.

  28. Sharon Wilson says:

    So when does the little Icelandic horseh get his cool white mane stripe?

  29. The fjords are the ponies with the white mane stripe. Icelandic ponies have solid color manes and tails.
    Didja all notice the foal was tolting behind the girls at one point????

  30. tiamatsdg says:

    Loved this video.

  31. muttluver says:



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