Curses, Foiled Again

Villain cats, “YOU MUST PAY THE RENT.”

Dainty family in distress, “But we can’t pay the rent!”

Ding-dong! Rent Lady calling! You must pay the rent!

Yeahhh, if you could just pay the rent, that would be greeeaaat.

I’ll get you my kitty, and your rent, too!

“I’ll pay the rent!”, said dramatic penguin dramatically, “Put it on my bill.”
Yay! Our hero.

Rocket News has the “real” story. Cute beady eye factor by Sylvanian Families AKA Calico Critters.



  1. It’s a good thing no one else has come in to work yet, since I’m laughing like crazy at this post!

  2. rocky griffin says:

    Is this amount of cuteness really allowed?! I Love the doll house and all the cute people! And the cat!

  3. rocky griffin says:

    What is that note on the door?

  4. the first picture – there’s a Russian blue!

  5. ScoutsMom says:

    It’s probably an eviction notice since it seems that they haven’t paid the rent.

  6. 😀

  7. The tortie is very cute. I wonder if she and her cat buddies play with that house all the time…I know if I had those cats and those toys, I’d want that to happen.

  8. rocky griffin says:

    The eviction notice sucks! People that cute shouldn’t have to pay rent. Someome needs to fix this crap system.

  9. The legend of the rent IS way hardcore!

  10. Wow! Bravo Pyrit, it’s not easy to fit so many film quotes into one post’s hover text,
    let see:
    They live.
    The Shining
    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    But I am stumped for the two last photo.

  11. That last pic is creepy. Straight out of a horror movie. I don’t want to know what they’re doing to that penguin/traveling salesman

  12. 😆 The things kitties will play with 😆

  13. It looks like a Tappan grill! Purrhaps they are offering a sauteed penguin to the landlords in lieu of rent.

  14. whatthelump says:

    Haha! Flashbacks to the Incredible Shrinking Man. And I love Sylvanian Family, I wish I had the money to collect them all as a child.

  15. whatthelump says:

    @Kar, yes! The red scarf looked scary. At first I thought he was being hog-tied and roasted over a pit… well, I guess he is sorta.