A Maru -N- Hana Bedtime Tail

Off to The Land Of Maru and Hana. What have we here? This big thing is a cat bed, believe it or not. Mugumogu says “I bought this cat bed for Hana, because she is sensitive to cold. I forecast that Maru did not like this. Because he does not like warm beds.” OK, fair enough.

Well, The Circle may not like warm beds, but those are Maru ‘Tocks.

[It’s mine. What is Fatso doing in there?]

[Some help?]

[Mwah ha ha.]


[HA! I knew I’d get in here eventually!]

Spotted by Cuteporter Andrew Y.



  1. It’s a hana-burger!

  2. Would that make Maru a double-cheese burger with extra meat?

  3. it’s a kitten macaron

  4. My fave picture is the one of Hanna looking to Mugumogu for help XD

  5. Jelly donut???

  6. Is it just me, or does Hana looks to be getting more “round” like Maru as she grows up?

  7. Anyone know where to get one of these beds online?

  8. I think you’re right.

  9. Maru must think it’s a box, though those last two look like cats being eaten by a giant fuzzy clam.

  10. I wonder where Mugumogu got that bed. My kittehs would go BANANAS for something like that…..

  11. 4leafclover says:

    Me too! Wide-eyed adorableness!

  12. wuyizidi says:

    “Um, waiter? There’s a hairball in my burger!”

  13. wuyizidi says:

    And extra catsup and meownnaise.

  14. Yeah, i was actually hoping to get something like this for my 5-lb dog. Luckily, one of my Facebook friends speaks Japanese, and she very nicely tracked it down for me. The brand is Petz Route and it is called something like the Meow Macaroon. Unfortunately it seems to be out of stock! http://item.rakuten.co.jp/cat-land/9212891/

  15. *drum roll*… wuyizidi for the win!

  16. They would be very easy to make, if you sew. I’ve seen patterns for cat beds and have in fact made several myself, including one shaped like a fish. It’s hysterical when the cat crawls inside the fish.

    “Meow Macaroon” is the cutest name.

  17. I think she’s just gotten out of the scrawny legs-up-to-here kitten stage.

  18. Norbertsmom says:


  19. whatthelump says:

    Heehee, it reminds me of the red shells from the Mario games. Jump on that Koopa Troopa, Hana!

  20. rocky griffin says:

    I am so glad that Maru got in there because he is so cute and fat! Good job cuteporter!

  21. Servant of Ninja the Cat says:

    Awww, Hanna’s getting growed up!

  22. Servant of Ninja the Cat says:

    *Hana- oops

  23. Clairdelune says:

    Basically, Maru will try to enter into any enclosed space, even if not box-like. I hope Maru does not go outside, he’s likely to get stuck in some very unpleasant places .

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    I created something similar for my elderly cat out of a round bed, a flat fleece pad thingy, and some large safety pins. Curved the flat pad thing into a “roof” and safety-pinned around back and sides of the round bed. Then I went into the other room for a minute thinking “how am I going to get her to try it out” .. came back and she was already inside, purring up a storm. It wasn’t fancy but it did the job!

  25. Dog Lover says:

    I love these Maru/Hana pics more than any I’ve ever seen. What. A. Riot!!! 🙂

  26. Once A Fish says:

    I aspire to use “Yo! Girth boy!” daily now…

  27. Maru can’t even fit in that thing, can he?

  28. Best.Bed.Ever! Need one for my house.

  29. When I saw the first picture, I thought it was a Grands biscuit!

  30. AWW 😀 I am glad to hear that your dear sweet elderly kitty enjoyed her round bed, Mary (the first) 😀

  31. Same here 😀 I wonder if there are any out here on the West Coast of Canada 😀

  32. We need to find the source for these beds folks, they are awesome.

  33. gangewifreweaving says:

    i wish they made beds like this in human size because i would be all about it. so cozy!

  34. We can’t find this wonderful pillow in Italy, neither on lin!! Please help us to buy it for our cats!!

  35. Barb Colr says:

    Where can you get these beds in the United States?

  36. All you can only source in Japan I think. I’ve scoured the next and the supplier selling via japan Amazon doesn’t ship out to the EU or US I don’t think. Also out of stock on Rakuten Japan. I’ve contacted an EBay seller based in China to let them know about this product and told them it would be extremely popular to us all if they could source and sell so they are on the case now and if they find it they will sell it via EBay where all of us can purchase and they will ship. I will keep you posted on progress..fingers crossed!

  37. Meekster says:

    Thanks, Amber for your efforts and thanks too to Mary who gives the less-creative of us an idea to make our own macaroon bed!