This Post Requires Popcorn, Extra Fluffy

The Oscars are tonight and we have for you six minutes of the most Oscar-worthy movie scenes, with cats! You wont want it to end! And, you may wonder at first how they ‘shopped all these cats into so many movie classics. But these are real scenes of Small Cats on the Big Screen. How many of the movies can you name?

Created by Klara Tavakoli Goesche, as seen on YouTube, where you will find a full list of all the movies.



  1. Shannon says:

    Umm, where is the cat from Gigi, Oscar winner?

  2. Movies sure like marmies. Maybe they show up well onscreen. Or they are kind of an Everycat.

    Couldn’t get them all.
    Walk on the Wild Side
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    The Godfather
    The Long Goodbye
    The Incredible Journey
    The Incredible Shrinking Man
    Bond movies, not sure which ones

    and this year’s contender, Inside Llewyn Davis

  3. AWW 😀

  4. My favourite movie cat Jones from “Alien”, two times. It was nice to put the Jones + Ripley ending scene at the end. Note to self: need to watch “Alien” again…

  5. I think the first, the Siamese, was That Darn Cat.
    The Bond film is Diamonds Are Forever.
    I think I saw Bell, Book, and Candle in there…
    Obviously, as mentioned, The Long Goodbye, The Godfather and Jonesy from Alien…
    The next Bond film there was On Her Majesty’s Secret Service…
    Harry and Tonto…
    Another clip from The Long Kiss Goodnight…
    True Grit…
    Cat’s Eye…
    Pretty good stuff 🙂

  6. Nope, I lied, that wasn’t On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, I forgot Blofeld was played by Telly Savalas in that one.

  7. Ah, right, that was You Only Live Twice.

  8. Sowmya Dakshinamurti says:

    Great to see so many scenes with the late, great, animal-OSCAR winning Orangey! (He was the marmie in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Incredible Shrinking Man.) But why no scenes from his 1958 classic Rhubarb? He was the star (actually) of that movie (geek alert: also has first screen appearance of young Leonard Nimoy.)
    And yes, I get that Orangey was the team name of 4 great animal actors. But I’m sure they were so much a team that they are happy to be remembered as one cat.

  9. murkle46 says:

    He had a major supporting role,was integral to the story and the action.Why wasnt he nominated for an Oscar?

  10. addacat says:

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s – greatest movie ending of all time, as lovers embrace in the rain over the head of a soggy but phlegmatic cat.

  11. Loved General in Cat’s Eye too.

    That bus scene in Harry and Tonto broke my heart

  12. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

  13. That scene where she puts him out in the rain just breaks my heart!

  14. I can’t believe the cat at about 1:28 looks exactly like my late Rocky walking with his head leaning to one side just like rocky did when he had a tumor. it just made me cry too sorry.

  15. No Cat From Outer Space. Disappointed not to see Jake in there.

  16. No Thomasina ether? That was a big one, unless I missed it.

  17. Or Sleepwalkers.

  18. gwyllion says:

    What about Thomasina!!!!!!

  19. How come no one has identified The Aristocats yet?

  20. Sharon Wilson says:

    I liked the scene where the cat helps turn the book page!

  21. Excellent compilation of cats and a very fitting tune! Very well done! Thoroughly enjoyable…. Thank-You!

  22. I was thinking that too… That was a great movie & cat…..

  23. Shaz aka Alaidh says:

    The Aristocats was my very first movie; I was 3. 🙂

    I love that ending scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Poor Cat!