THIS One Is A Real Head Scratcher

I don’t think the manufacturer of this item meant for it to be used this way. The Puppeh doesn’t seem to mind, though.



  1. Pure bliss!!

  2. yulyndi says:

    Cute to watch puppeh get more and more relaxed and blissed out. You can almost hear him sigh….

  3. “Oh yeah! Oh yeah, that’s the stuff, right there! mmmmmmm……”

  4. freetomato says:

    My big dog loves it too! It’s called a “Head Trip”.

  5. Just keep it away from the eyes….

  6. Melissa says:

    The dogs barking…..”DO MEEEEE! ME NEXT!”

  7. what a beautiful smile he has!

  8. Hehe, his face looked sooo relaxed.

  9. Dog Lover says:

    I just love how dogs put all their emotions right out there. That guy’s smile totally makes my day. 🙂

  10. My pup would want us to use it on his backend, just at the base of his tail. He gets the same “blissed out” expression

  11. i think my cat hannah would like this. ringo would try to eat it and bat it around.

  12. mplsdeb says:

    Hmmm. almost looks like he’s receiving ooomox. Must be a Ferengi.

  13. I’m pretty sure my husky would love that too!