THIS JUST IN: Last Call 4 The Furrtographer

(Plus it’s Caturday, and he sent us these nice photos.)

Today is the last day to cast your ballot for The Furrtographer in the SF A-List Best Pet Photographer category! You can vote through The Facebook. Check it out heah. (Remember, if he wins, we get an autographed puppy.)

(All of these images are from Wonder Cat Rescue.)

Soooooooooo…you know what to do! Get to work, People!





















  1. yulyndi says:

    Tried to vote, but it kept asking me for a password, and there was no field to enter a password. Anyone else get it to work?

  2. yulyndi says:

    never mind, i just signed up for the site and voted

  3. Thanks for trying Yulyndi! The screen I see asks you to create an account where you specify your own password, or login using the services to the right (FB, Twitter, etc). Let me know if you can get it to work, and thank you SO much!!

  4. Amazing pictures for genius photographer!

  5. Keep up the vote, people! we get a puppy!!!!! GO GO GO

  6. jlamusings says:

    I voted! And have to say that little marmie in the next to last photo with the broken whiskers has utterly destroyed me….if I didn’t across the country and already have 3 rescues (2 of whom with medical conditions= feline financial black holes), he’d be coming home with me. 🙂
    All of ’em are just precious!!! Best photos evah and so wonderful that it helps a rescue. Seriously- so many rescues have such awful photos that you can’t appreciate how lovely some of their kitties and dogs are. Great photos sure help, I’m sure!!! You rock, Furrtographer!

  7. Such a pretty kitty with the big blue eyes and silver-gray nose! (12th from the top, if I counted right.)

  8. That sad marmie face totally kills me! Such beautiful work yet again, Josh. I cast my vote for you a minute ago–good luck!

  9. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    My kitty had those short whiskers when I got him and I called it “Whisker Deficiency Syndrome.” He outgrew it. He now has beautiful whiskers.

  10. Kitten tongues are adorable but that first pic,

    I’ve marked you so now you are mine.

  11. jlamusings says:


  12. yulyndi says:

    Your welcome, and thanks for all you do for those little ones needing homes!

    When I tried to use my yahoo or facebook account to sign up, a box popped up asking for my email, etc. and a password but there was no place to enter a password. Then I just closed and reopened the tab and signed up to the site without yahoo, or facebook – yes, then I got the box you mentioned, and it went smoothly and I was able to vote after that.

  13. Thanks for your vote. She lived with a sibling who nibbled them all the time. You can see him photobombing her in that one photo. Yeah, he’s an older brother basically.

  14. mizchalmers says:

    Number 6/7, the mackerel-tabby-and-white, came home with us two weeks ago. WE LOVE HER.

  15. :frantic clicking:

    Oh phew! I still got time to vote.

    :exhales and takes a second, a third and so on, look at those gorgeous photos:

  16. I voted even though I live in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada 😀 I had to use my Facebook Account 🙂 AWW 😀 I am hoping to adopt a kitty or two or more in the near future 😀 If I lived in San Francisco and had also won the lottery, I would adopt those dear sweet little kitties 😀

  17. Congrats to you and your new fur-baby!

  18. rocky griffin says:

    Yeah, I really Love the cat faces in all the pictures and I appreciate the pictures of some of the jellies and beans also!