The Mostest Ultimate Interspecies Super Snorgling Evah

This one came zooming in from Erich D. in Florida, who saw it on The Facebook. But we couldn’t use THAT link ‘cuz it wasn’t gonna work or…something. Of course, one quicko search on The YouTube and here we are! Since it happens to be the first day of Dolphin Awareness Month, let’s roll that video!



  1. Agent99 says:

    Totally Amaze-Balls!!!!

  2. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Be aware that this is a CAPTIVE dolphin. Cetaceans do not do well in captivity. Taiji is all about capturing wild dolphins and sending them to parks for display and silly antics. Captivity is never cute.

  3. WOW 😀

  4. Celinda says:

    Imma boop your head! BOOP!

  5. whatthelump says:

    Aww, the gentle curiosity and attention span of those two get me every time.

  6. Because all the intelligent creatures know how awesome teh kittehs really are. :3

    Love the snorgling!

  7. 6rabbits says:

    This info makes me very sad.

  8. Clairdelune says:

    Absolutely amazing!! It’s hilarious how a kitteh will face-rub anything trying to mark the world as his own… I guess this kitteh is claiming the dolphin as his property, and the dolphin loves it. We’re all slaves to the cat. 😀

  9. Sharon Wilson says:

    Cat says, “I like the fishehs except when they splash me!”