Thank God You Got Here in Time!

I was watching TV when I saw these two kids chase a cartoon leprechaun right off the screen, and then they all jumped into a tiny chuck wagon and drove into this lunchbox! But I got’em cornered for you!

Highly incriminating FaveFrame™!


YouTuber Leslie W. says: “We heard a strange sound coming from our son’s nursery this morning. We went in to find our dog in a most compromising position. Red handed; her head stuck in the baby’s lunchbox.”



  1. yulyndi says:

    Baby comes in saying, “why isn’t the camera on me?”

  2. Ms Sadie is a trend setter.

  3. I think Sadie thinks she’s hiding. “I can’t see them, so that means they can’t see me, right? If I just stay perfectly still, they’ll never find me.”

  4. That was my fave frame…when that little face appeared around the corner. 🙂

  5. Mine, too! *squee*

  6. Yep, classic dog move. Or, in this case, non-move.

  7. Babies have lunch boxes?