Proof: Cats are A-Door-Able

Everybody made fun of Gizmo the dog for consorting with a cat, but Gizmo knew it would pay off one day.

Unlikely friends, Dexter and Gizmo made the BBC News, via YouTube.



  1. That’s exactly what my cats do. When i close the bathroom door and my dog wants to come in, they team up et voilà in they come.

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    Look at these two partners in crime. Very often my cats help my dog opening the door as he’s very old now (16). Perfect symbiosis.

  3. I think it would end with the cat shutting the door with the dog outside.

  4. Thumbs are so overrated. 🙂

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    Nooooo! Gizmo! Amber is out there.

  6. Anybody else hear the theme song from The Great Escape?

  7. That is some tail on that cat!

  8. That’s what I thought, too!

  9. Obligatory Jurassic Park quote:

    Clever girl.

  10. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    I love the last frame, where the dog sticks his head in the door, one last time, to make sure he hasn’t forgotten anything. I do that too, once I’ve figured out how to open the door.

  11. I thought it was going to end with the cat just rubbing its face on the door. 🙂

  12. yes, I too was waiting for the cat to close the door after the puppeh left.

  13. (Human dialog before this scene)
    1: Are we safe?
    2: As long as they don’t learn to open doors.
    (Cut to scene)
    2: Well, dang it!

    (Adapted from a raptor scene in Jurassic Park)

  14. A well coordinated cat-dog team is a fearsome sight

  15. You could tell, hewas thinking about it before he jumped down.

  16. Typical. The cat does all the hard work while the dog just sits there.

    And hah! Somebody tell me again that dogs are more intelligent than cats, and I´ll show them THIS. 😉

  17. 😆 I would just LOVE to see a video of that, pitiross 😆

  18. nananash says:


  19. 0:42 – How do we open this door…any idea, Gizmo? Do we need a key?

  20. 🙂