One Whale Of A Video (Part 2)

OK, so there are two videos in this post. Anyway, we started the week with this fantastic video of a Mama Humpback Whale and her bebeh. Now we wrap up the week with these Close Encounters Of The Whale Kind. So check this out. Curious George The Humpback decides to get up close and personal with some guys in a fishing boat.

And then, this whale decides to give a girl a high five. Or a high…fin.

First video submitted by Wendy M. Second video seen on DP&F.



  1. I think he wants tummy scritches,in the first vid.Acts just like a cat would,if it were a multi-ton sea mammal!

  2. Methinks he was trying to boop her nose. Silly whale. Boop, boop, POW.

  3. sabrina rose says:

    WOW! What a stupendous once-in-a-lifetime thing to happen!!! (Aren’t they lucky the boat didn’t tip over?!) And the whale was talking to them! (“Get the heck outta my water!”)

  4. Gimme a belly rub! 😀

  5. Ok, how can he resist reaching out and offering a belly rub? I would be trying to pet and scritch him once he was within 2 feet of the boat. Love, love, love whales!

  6. murkle46 says:

    Around :50 I think I hear the whale start to purr.

  7. Laura DragonWench says:

    Okay, first video, when Curious George made that belly roll and pushed his tummy out of the water, I literally curled my fingers at the screen and made scritching movements. That’s how much I wanted to give that whale a belly rub!