No More Woof?

Ever wish you could find out what your doggeh REALLY wanted? Language, as opposed to barks and woofs. You know, like in the Pixar movie “Up?” Well, this Daily Dot article says you may not have to wait much longer to find out! (FOOD. SLEEP. WALK. PET ME.)

The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery have invented a gizmo called No More Woof. It’s supposed to scan your dog’s brain patterns and then translate them into hoomin speech. You get to hear the speech through a wearable microphone. The invention is still a work in progress, but it looks like they’re getting close!



  1. I’m getting the cat version. It says “feed me slave” and “you can stroke me now”

  2. But vhere do you buy the No Mjor Voof?

  3. I’m wondering if they can make it two-way so that I can get it through my cat’s head that it’s not physically possible for me to change the weather into a lovely day from a miserable one or that she’s going to HAVE to learn to play by herself so that I can get some work done.

  4. Saffron says:

    Pretty sure my chief cat would say “KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!”

  5. There is no way my Chi would have worn that thing for a second.

  6. Maid to the cats says:

    I want mine to get thru to the cats that I actually can go to the bathroom by myself and that there is no secret compartment in the bathroon for me to leave.