Roger, Rampart!

Dispatch: “Station 51, Station 51. Respond to report of a cat stuck in a tree. Corner of Gage & DeSoto. Time out 10:32.”
Ace The Puppeh: “Do we have to?”

photo 2
“Ace is a miniature dachshund who loves to play and be outside in this Texas weather. My father is a fireman, so I took him to visit the fire station when he was on duty, and took a few pics of him with the trucks and my dad’s helmet!” -Camaron C.



  1. Ace is ace.

  2. KMG-365

  3. Ace can rescue me any time!

  4. “Corner of Gage & DeSoto” . I live across the street from a fire station and look for Gage every time guys are out…

  5. rocky griffin says:

    Cute doggie to the rescue!

  6. Superpuppeh .. If your in danger .. I’ll sniff you out and save you!
    and All I want in return is a good tummy-rubbing

  7. OMG Johnny Gage was my first crush at the age of 4! (Speaking of cute!) I’d completely forgotten the phrase “Roger Rampart” for about 38 years or more til you wrote it today! Thanks! The puppeh is a cutester too.

  8. My beloved Dachshunds are usually the *cause* of major disasters, so I suppose keeping one near the rescue service is at least efficient.

  9. That’s what I was going to say!

  10. Ha! I used to live on Galveston Island as a kid. What a cute little ween! ❤

  11. OMG I had a crush on Johnny Gage too!! 😀 My whole family loved that show never missed an episode. First show that was medically accurate as well does anyone remember the name of the Basset Hound that was on the show???

  12. That was Henry…there was also a mutt called Boot for a while. But Henry was teh awesome!

  13. cathydeester says:

    I love puppehs (especially weenies) and all, but Johnny Gage was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

    I don’t remember Johnny and Roy using “Roger” as a confirmation phrase very often; they tended to use “10-4” most of the time. Not to be snarky or anything, you know. I mean, it’s not like I watch it every afternoon on MeTV. Or on Netflix. Or on DVD. Or even devote hours every month to catching up on fanfiction sites. ‘Cause that would just be, you know, overload . . . .

  14. Bonus points for using an “Emergency” reference!

  15. Roger Roger.