I have total trouble making the bed. If I try and help my wife, I usually collapse on it in fits of laughter. So Martha Stewart is going to teach us how. We’re gonna need a mattress cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a blanket or comforter.

Oh, and Daisy the cat.

“I’m sending a video I took of my cat, doing what she loves most – playing under the sheets while we make the bed. Her name is Daisy, and she is a black medium-hair that was found abandoned underneath a house. We hope you like it, and maybe it can make it on your site! Cheers!” -Joe Z., Melbourne VIC.

[*Headline tribute to the late great Harold Ramis, who prolly wrote that line in Stripes. -Ed.]



  1. Our cats like to “help” us make the bed, too. It makes the process take about five times as long as it should, but it’s certainly more entertaining than without cats!

    Kudos to you for taking Daisy in and for giving her such a fun life.

  2. My sister puts one of her cats under the fitted sheet, and then the other cat on top. Laughter becomes endless.

  3. How do we know that is a cat? .. it could be anything under there.. I think we need to see some evidence of Daisy.

  4. It´s like the scene in Alien, where it burst out through the belly! :O

  5. Msdove-thejrtlady says:

    I think my favorite part of the video is the owner confirming if she wants out! I could almost hear Daisy say ‘not yet minion I want more, you are here to serve me as long as it suits me’.

    I am sure that Daisy is glad that she found her forever home with loving fur baby parents.

  6. You mean this scene? 😀

  7. Sexy voice, Mr Daisy-cat-owner! My boy cat loves to ‘help’ when I’m making the bed too although I’m not usually as tolerant and turf him out pdq …

  8. I’ve never had a cat who didn’t love ‘helping’ to make the bed. It’s like they can’t resist. All I have to do is start shaking out the covers; my current cats hear that sound and come RUNNING.

  9. I thought that too! Rowr! 🙂

  10. We call this game “Bed Mice”. Say those magic words and watch the Maine Coons FLY up the stairs!

  11. Ah, yes! Housekeeping assistants. Daisy is quite masterful! My two could learn a thing or two from her!

  12. Mine too! They love ‘catching a wave’ in the sheets. 🙂

  13. Reminds me of the gopher scene in Caddyshack….

  14. Laura DragonWench says:

    I think I actually shivered when I heard the deep bass tones of Mr. Daisy-cat-owner’s voice. YUM! 😀

  15. Laura DragonWench says:

    When I climb into bed at night. I have to shake my covers to align everything. As soon as Ramses hear that rustling, he comes flying around the corner and onto the bed, whereupon he gives me that innocent look that says, “Wait, I’m not in your way, am I?” I also have to be careful once I get myself arranged under the covers; if I move my hands or feet too much underneath the quilt and make it bounce up and down, he’ll start pouncing… even if it’s the middle of the night and I’m dead asleep. Talk about a rude awakening! 🙂

  16. 😆 I would just LOVE to see a video of that, Sam 😆

  17. 😆 The fun we can have with kitties 😆