International Polar Bear Day (Updated!)

That would be today, February 27th! Check this site to see how you can show your support for these furballs. And the video below ain’t too bad, ‘neither. Amazing video work shot in the Great White North from Andrew Manske.


In honor of International Polar Bear Day, Google Maps takes you to Churchill, Canada- the Polar Bear Capital Of The World. Check it out!




  1. No offense little cubs .. but KEEP YOUR SNOW !! I’ve had enough this year !!


  2. Polar Burrs

  3. I did not want this video to end. So wonderfully wonderful.

  4. Love how clutzy the little guys are!

  5. That’s a great (and patient!) mother

  6. LOVE!!!!! Cher xo

  7. …I want to go hug my mom now.

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Love the part where mom is scooting along on her side and the babies are trying to climb a moving target.

  9. Sharon Wilson says:


  10. phred's mom says:

    Mama looks thin and a bit weary.

  11. @0:39 “mmmph, mmmph…” Translation “Mum, mum, you’re sat on my head!”