Yeah, Those Are Panda Puppies

The owner of these puppies in Yancheng, Jiangsu, China says six little guys were born last month and half of them looked just like…PANDAS. This story was originally seen on the trusty RocketNews24 but we went further, over to– and got this most helpful report. (Photos originated there too.) This should explain everything. Maybe.

“Yancheng three puppies Resembling panda Meng turned everyone. [Lead] black eye, black ears, chubby physique, occasionally eat leaves, you see not the giant pandas, which are less than a month newborn puppies. Recently, Jiangsu Yancheng resembles a panda’s three dogs became a star, their sprouting state attracted residents.”






  1. rocky griffin says:

    This was seriously cute footage. I would Love to see these guys when as they mature. Can’t wait to see their maximum growth!

  2. So cute, see that’s where cloning woud come in handy, everyone could have a Panda pup.

  3. Nice dye job. Hope the chemicals didn’t hurt the puppies.

  4. amazing,they really look like little dogs 🙂

  5. my thoughts exactly

  6. Anyone else think someone has been using a sharpie on those poor dogs?

  7. Yeah something about it doesn’t look right to me either.

  8. Yep,same here.
    How stupid do they think we are?

  9. DERP!
    Not buying it…nope nope nope.

  10. They have excellent marksmanship.

  11. Really bad idea all around.

  12. Those are the saddest looking puppies I’ve ever seen. I hope this does not start a trend of dyed puppies in Japan.

  13. how terrible says:

    panda dye jobs aren’t new. It’s kind of popular in Asia. But dyeing newborns seem kind of sketchy.