Starting To Get Just A LITTLE Frustrated

[I’ve got my chew thing, that’s not the issue. HOW in the WORLD do I get through this door? If I look pathetic enough, maybe the lazy hoomin will get his lazy ass off the recliner and, uh, OPEN THE DOOR FOR ME.]

Tallulah The Yorkster as seen on Thank God For Dogs.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Tallulah, what a great name!!

  2. rocky griffin says:

    Cute doggie. Should it have not had chew bone in mouth? Or should it have in mouth like cigar?

  3. My Beagle once faced this problem with an empty wrapping paper roll. He immediately figured out that he had to enter sideways. I remember being impressed, as prior to that I hadn’t thought of him as being especially bright, but I guess he was good with spatial problems (calculus, not so much.)

  4. Tallulah, watch the language please.

  5. I love the look up she gives at :21-ish. Perfect “um… halp pleez?” face.

  6. Hi, my toy is longer than I am. Life is good.

  7. Cutie-patootie. Good name. [“Brighter” was taken :)]